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This wiki is an instance of dokuwiki and is administered by Fil Salustri (
From here you can find documentation about this wiki, how to use it, etc.

General Documentation


Refer to each plugin listed below for details on their functionality and use.


Tips & Tricks

Anchors Anchors A plugin for arbitrary page anchors. To create an anchor, use: {{anchor:anchor_name:text}} To refer to an anchor, use: [[namespace:page_name#anchor_name]] See Also * Official anchor plugin documentation. tip
Boxed Quotations Boxed Quotations You can offset longer quotations, with attribution. To set off some text as a quotation including the attribution within the box, use this: <blockquote> Engineering without design is like science without research. <cite>Tom Brzustowski, President of NSERC, 2004</cite> </blockquote>
Bullets Rule Bullets Rule Using bulleted lists is a great way to write notes in wikis. Note: This page is written using the bullet technique. * People read short, direct sentences most easily. * This should be reflected in how content is provided. * So write using point/bullet form.
Content Blocks Content Blocks Create boxes to contain content. The block below: This creates a block that is/has (in order): * 80% of page width, * centered on page, * background of block is rgb(102, 51, 255), * text-color is rgb(255, 255, 153); * the box border is 2px wide, dashed, its color is rgb(255, 102, 255).
Content Blocks with Wrap Content Blocks with Wrap The Wrap plugin can be used to create blocks of content that stand out, but not without some CSS. Examples The page title itself is an example. You can use this to combine the page summary (first paragraph below page title) with the title into a unit that's set off from the rest of the page.
Design Principles Design Principles This page includes a “living list” of design principles. Designers don't design toasters; they design ways to make toast. * A toaster is only one way to make toast. Different ways to make toast will suit different situations.
Fancy Lists Fancy Lists The definitionlist plugin, installed on this wiki, supports HTML DL “definition lists”. Here's an example: a term its definition. another term and its definition. The example was rendered with this code: ; a term : its definition. ; another term : and its definition.
Hiding Parts of a Page Hiding Parts of a Page OBSOLETE - see the folded plugin. This is useful for questions that you want the reader to think about before they can see the answer. <hidden optional text to show>Here is some hidden text.</hidden> Produces this: <hidden optional text to show>Here is some hidden text.</hidden>
Image Boxes Image Boxes You can make an image come out with a “pretty” box around it and its caption, like Wikipedia. The ImageReference plugin is used on this wiki. The general form is: <imgcaption LABEL ALIGNMENT|CAPTION>{{image file}}</imgcaption> where: * LABEL is a text label of your choosing to refer to the figure.
Internal Comments Internal Comments You can add text that just won't be visible to any reader, ever. This is useful to leave notes * for authors that readers shouldn't ever see, or * to hide text that's not ready for readers to see (because, say, you're still working on it).
Start with a Bang Start with a Bang Make sure every page starts with a tight, clear, and direct statement of what the reader will gain by reading it. Consider the following draft version of a piece of documentation about editing wiki pages. When editing a topic, a nearly perfect preview is provided under the text editing box, but the preview is not dynamic. As you edit content in the editing box, the preview does not automatically refresh.
Transclusion Transclusion Include one wiki page into another using transclusion. * {{page>wiki:syntax#Tables}} will include the section about tables of the syntax page. * {{namespace>project_foo}} will include all pages in the project_foo namespace. tip
Using textinsert for Content Blocks Using textinsert for Content Blocks Yet another way to highlight blocks of content. :draft: :todo: This has no content to speak of. Trying to figure out what to put in here. Consider this: <html> <div style="border: 1px solid red;"> This is some text. </div> </html>


This section is only for administration of the wiki and shouldn't be necessary for regular users.

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More about the INFO plugin is available here.

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