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Refactoring wiki pages

Refactoring a Xiki page is a structured way to tidy up the page.

PROBLEM: You need to reorganise a Xiki page.

Sometimes, wiki pages get disorganised.

  • This makes it hard to understand the content.
  • People will stop using the page.
  • This defeats the whole purpose of the wiki.

This is especially the case in situations where a page is used as a collaborative discussion area about something.

  • Contributors add comments to other people's comments, new threads of discussion start, statements made are determined to be erroneous, etc.

SOLUTION: So, refactor the page.

Refactoring is a term from computer programming, that involves rewriting software such that the software's external behaviour doesn't change, while improving its internal structure, reliability, efficiency, etc1).

Refactoring a wiki page involves rewriting (portions of) it to improve clarity, precision, and conciseness while also maintaining the factual information and intent of the content.

There are no hard and fast rules for refactoring wiki pages, but there are a variety of guidelines. An incomplete list of the guidelines is given below.


Refactoring Methods

See also What is refactoring at C2.
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