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Refactor by Summarizing

Problem: A discussion mode page is so long that the point of the discussion is getting lost, and the discussion is fading to nothing or moving too quickly and too often off-topic.

Create a (working) summary: A summary at the top of the page can remind people what the point of the discussion is.

  • Clearly mark the summary as a working summary until contributors agree that it is a good representation of the (current) discussion.
  • Date the summary, so that readers and contributors can recognise that some of the discussion may have resulted after the summary was created.
  • Revisit the summary at regular, though not brief, intervals. Keep it reflective of the discussion. Keep its date accurate.

Use anchors to create a pseudo-table-of-contents: Put some anchors at the top of the page, as a bulleted list, to point readers to significant chunks of the discussion.

  • Alternatively: divide the discussion content into sections, and use the table of contents as an index to page content.

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