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Refactor by Delimiting Discussion

Problem: A page in discussion mode is getting disorganized. You want to refactor the page without destroying the discussion itself.

There are several possible solutions.

Use signature lines: to attribute chunks of text to individuals.

  • Make the signature part of the paragraph, at the end.
  • Use a null signature (such as “–”) or Guest user when a contributor wishes to remain anonymous or is unknown.

Use horizontal rules: to separate a multi-paragraph contribution from other contributions.

  • Alternative view: use a horizontal rule to indicate a change of topic, not of speaker. This keeps threads together, making it easier to refactor by extracting to page.

Use comments: This provides a consistent look and feel to contributed comments.

Use inline comments: like [inside square brackets like this].

  • Useful for very short editorial comments.
  • Consider rewriting the paragraph to make the addition unnecessary.

Use unsigned comments: that become part of the flow of the page.

  • Other than being offset from signed contributions, unsigned work should blend seamlessly with the page as a whole.
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