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Refactor by Condensing Question/Answer Pairs

Problem: A page contains too many question/answer pairs, which is making the page too long and messy.

Solution: Combine question/answer pairs into single (groups of) statements, or embed answers into the statements that led to the question (and remove the question).

Example 1: Before refactoring: How do I get more information on somethang? -FAS

After refactoring: Get more information about somethang at

  • Contributors: FAS, Bill

Don't forget to attribute things sensibly. See refactor while respecting signatures.

Example 2: Before refactoring:recipe for brownies

  • Add 1.5 foobnibs of butter
  • Hey, what's a foobnib?
  • A foobnib is approximately 200 grams.

After refactoring:recipe for brownies

  • Add 1.5 foobnibs (approximately 300 grams) of butter
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