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Namespace Design

Namespaces partition the wiki into chunks. Permissions vary between namespaces.
Here's how namespaces are arranged on this wiki.

Namespace Purpose Accessibility
wiki local documentation and administrative notes Logged in users can read; editable by @admin.
design design courseware and reference material World readable; editable by @authors.
research design research pages World readable; editable by @researchers.
bib bibliographies that can be referenced with the refnotes plugin World readable; editable by researchers
teaching general information on teaching unrelated to design World readable; editable by @researchers.
dcl pages specific to the Design Colaboratory World readable; editable by @dcl.
[course] one namespace per course World readable; editable by @instructors.
user Space for individual users (private) Readable & editable only by individual users & admin.

New Namespace Administration

Since I use the starter template with sidebars, and I use namespaces to represent collections of pages, I need to do some administration to maintain a consistent sidebar.

For each new namespace:

  • Create a collection index page that includes a call to nspages (see existent namespaces for examples).
  • Create a sidebar topic that has local items (e.g. a Contents link that points to the local collection index page), and then includes the root namespace sidebar.
  • Update the list of collections in the root namespace sidebar to include the new namespace, if appropriate.
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