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Bullets Rule

Using bulleted lists is a great way to write notes in wikis.

Note: This page is written using the bullet technique.

  • People read short, direct sentences most easily.
  • This should be reflected in how content is provided.
  • So write using point/bullet form.
    • Start with the main point
    • Use sub-lists to explain or expand the main point.
    • Keep the presentation as linear as possible.
      • Use links to other topics or topic sections as necessary to de-linearise content.
    • Prefer positive statements (i.e. avoid using not).
      • Example:
        • INCORRECT If you do not provide a new filename, the original one is used.
        • CORRECT If the new filename is missing, the original one is used.
    • Minimise use of punctuation, conjunctions, etc.
      • Example:
        • INCORRECT To upload a file, go to the Web Upload topic, use the BROWSE button to identify the file to upload, add an optional new filename for the upload, enter the mandatory description of the upload, then click the UPLOAD button.
        • CORRECT To upload a file:
          1. Go to the Web Upload page
          2. Use the BROWSE button to identify the file on your computer to upload.
          3. Add a filename to which the upload will be copied.
            • This is optional. If absent, the original filename is reused.
          4. Add a description of the file's contents, origin, authorship, etc.
            • This is required.
          5. Click UPLOAD.
  • While this technique is not a silver bullet (no pun intended), it is very useful for concisely describing some kinds of information and presenting arguments.

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