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19 June

  • Replaced hidden plugin with folded. Hidden seems buggy and cannot contain sections, whereas it seems folded can.

18 June

  • Added a new wrap class to conf/userall.css for compact, which sets margin-bottom of paragraphs to zero to pack together text in boxes tightly. Useful for lists of 1-line items.

16 June

  • Made links in sidebar dark grey to mute the general colour scheme even more.
  • Installed toctweak plugin and had to dick around with css. Now have TOC in sidebar.
    • USAGE: Add to the sidebar in each namespace: {{SIDETOC | ON THIS PAGE}}.
  • Created basic jumbo type for wrap, defined in conf/userall.css.
    • I can't use the announcement colour options cuz they're hardwired to accommodate announcements only.
  • Moved breadcrumbs to content, just below msgarea. Left trace in header.
    • Rationale: breadcrumbs describe state relative to current page, but trace describes all recently visited pages.

14 June

  • Update DK site icon and favicon.
  • Cleaned up sidebar heading fonts and list format for sidebar items.
  • Turn on icons in SiteMenu:
    • Andi writes: Specifically, the template used the AbstractMenu::getListItems() method and passes false in the second parameter. You could change that to true, but you would lose the change on the next upgrade again.
    • Updated css and tpl_header to show only icons for SiteMenu.

13 June

  • Added fas3/meta.html to load Lato font.
  • Downloaded material design template. It's butt-ugly but may help me understand how to modify the template files to get new effects.

10 June

  • Trying bootstrap3 theme again.
    • For some reason, the search bug (see 9 June entry) seems to have gone away.
  • But then went back to FAS2 - just too hard to tweak CSS.
  • Started FAS3 using newest (from Greebo) version of dokuwiki template as base. Have to bring over all my changes.

9 June

  • Reverted back to FAS2 template. Bootstrap3 is just too complicated, and seems to have some bugs.
    • EG: Searching for a non-existent page does NOT provide a working link to create it.
    • Fixed a few little things - made the search bar at top of page look a little cleaner.
      • But I can't figure out how to change the colour of the Search button. Infuriating.

28 May

  • Upgraded to Greebo. Lots of undocumented minor tweaks that I wish I'd bothered to note here.
  • Installed and enabled bootstrap3 theme.
    • Updated styles.ini to include colour palette used by my WRAP mods.
    • Updated conf/userall.css to include some bits from FAS2 that I needed for local entities.
  • Munged simplex theme in /www/dokuwiki/lib/tpl/bootstrap3/assets/bootstrap/simplex. Saved original.
    • Changes to font sizes and styles, headings, scaling of sidebar (aside).


19 Aug

Disabled/uninstalled RendererPlus plugin. It just wasn't working for me stylistically.

29 May

Further cleaning up of skin & code:

  • Got rid of duplicate TOC (edited main.php call to tpl_content).
  • Made font size of sidebar smaller (less distracting, fits more content into sidebar).
  • Cleaned up css of TOC for tidier rendering (added background colour instead of border - might be too dark still - and moved it around a bit).

26 May

  • More cleaning up of style, font sizes.
  • Implemented line-height design trick - I think.
  • Made site icon smaller, more “discreet.”

25 May

  • Minimized fas2 skin even more; removed box around content, gradient at top of page; single white background throughout; removed top right page name tab.
  • Changed fonts to Roboto for text and RobotoCondensed for headings.
  • Recalculated heading sizes and weights to make them smaller and heavier.
  • Changed base font-size to be 18px, which meant changing page width from 75em to 67em.


30 December

  • Changed fas2 skin:
    • Added __toc_width__ to style.ini set to 20em.
    • Changed width of dw__toc in _toc.css and content.css to use __toc_width__.
    • This makes the TOC wider and, I think, a little easier to read.

22 November

  • Got WRAP content boxes actually working. More changes to userall.css.
  • Backed up userall.css.
  • Noticed quotations were no longer working. Figured out it's a result of having deleted format+ plugin (cuz it was old/broken). Installed blockquote plugin, which is current, more robust.
    • I think I found and fixed all occurrences of old quote stuff, but I'm not sure.

21 November

  • Created conf/userall.css to restyle stuff in the WRAP plugin.
  • Created lib/images/FAS containing various subdirectories for new icons & other images that I use.
  • Replaced yalist with definitionlist.
    • Even though yalist is more powerful, it messes up completely with ckgedit. Since I really only need plain definition lists, and I would like to use the visual editor more, then it was no contest.
    • Added new CSS to userall.css for definitionlist.
  • Checked for plugin updates.
  • Installed block plugin, but I can't nest blocks so I can't use them for boxes. It does work, though.
  • Made a copy of userall.css in ~/Projects/dokuwiki.

11 July

  • fas2/css/design.css - changed how sidebar items (in aside) are rendered:
    • removed bullets from items and aligned left.
    • added padding to h2 element to separate chunks of sidebar.

6 June

  • Turned on HTML embedding, so that I can embed iframe codes for Coggle mindmaps.
    • Dunno if I will need it; depends on if I use Coggle.

10 Jan

  • Reinstalled from scratch.
  • mathpublish plugin is broken on Hrun/Yosemite.


16 May

  • Upgraded to Ponder Stibbons. Everything seems ok, but I lost some style mods.

19 December

  • Upgraded to Binky. Everything seems ok.


14 August

  • Installed yalist plugin. Seems to work.
    • One apparent problem; it increases the spacing between list items. I can't quite figure out what it's doing there.
    • Fixed it by changing /www/dokuwiki/lib/plugins/yalist/style.css as follows:
      1. At top, change div.dokuwiki ul, div.dokuwiki ol…. to be ul…. and set line-height: 20px.
      2. Comment out div.dokuwiki .li from the clause that sets margin-bottom: 0.33em;
    • TODO Need to find a more permanent place for these changes as they'll be overwritten when I update yalist.

19 July

  • Upgraded to Weatherwax.
  • Found a bug that displays –> at bottom of sidebar. Emailed dokuwiki@freelists for advice.
  • Updated all plugins.
  • Installed editx plugin for moving pages.
  • Moved my private space from :salustri: to :user:filsalustri:.
  • Updated ACL to disallow all access to individual private spaces (in :user:) and give all perms to individual users therein.

15 May

21 February

  • Tweaked css for tag plugin in content.css of fas1 skin to make it more consistent.


11 December

14 November

  • Created templates namespace, and added two templates for use in the design stuff for patterns.
  • Installed snippets plugin to choose templates when creating a page.
  • Deleted the template.txt file in the design namespace.
  • The ACL for the templates namespace is ok at default (world-readable, admin-writable). No further ACL changes made.

21 October

  • Upgraded some plugins and screwed up the fonts on aceeditor. Tried to fix it, but not sure.
  • Got hidden plugin working, but not sure I like it.

17 October

  • Upgraded to Adora Belle.
    • Found I needed to replace the _toc file from the fas1 skin, which was previously based on the old default skin. It is structurally different from the new one and even renders differently. Not sure I like it, but it mught just be me.
    • Installation was completely smooth. Everything seems to be working right.

25 July

  • Installed mathpublish plugin and created some rudimentary documentation for it.

20 July

  • Restored the typography styles to the wrap plugin. Added appropriate css in conf/userall.css.
    • Also added border styling which adds a border in the border color.

18 July

  • Installed upgrade plugin to help upgrades.
  • Upgraded to 2012-01-25b “Angua”
    • Note: Upgrading requires making install.php writable (temporarily, only during upgrade), and automagic upgrade will create a new data, bin, and conf dirs in the main directory. They can be removed in favour of the real ones in /usr/local.

14 July

  • Added __template.txt files to many namespaces. Quite simple for now: page title, one line summary, and “see also” chunk below a hr at the end of the file. Refnotes will add the references automagically after the see also.
  • Removed leading : from all references in the bib namespace; seems they're not needed.

4 July

  • Installed refnotes plugin to see about bibliographic possibilities.

3 July

  • Created conf/userall.css to tweak styles that aren't part of the fas1 theme.
  • Installed Format+ plugin.
  • Created research collection and have started populating it.

2 July

  • Created conf/entities.local.conf for some html shortcuts described in local entities.

1 July

  • Created teaching namespace; world-readable, editable by @admin only for now.
  • Installed vshare plugin to be able to link to youtube videos.
  • Installed pagelist plugin.
  • Installed nspages plugin.
  • Created a page in each namespace, collection index, that contains only a call to nspages. Unfortunate duplication, but using include doesn't use local namespace but rather that where the included file came from.
  • Added a contents link to every sidebar that points to the local collection index. More unfortunate duplication.

30 June

  • Created mec222 namespace; readable by @all, but no authors yet (except @admin) cuz there aren't any.
  • Installed starter skin cuz it supports a sidebar. Now back to tweaking.
  • Installed include plugin.
  • Tweaked main.php in starter so that it loads the local (in the current namespace) sidebar.
    • Then I include other sidebars as required.
    • Seems to be working well.
    • Posted my tweak to the dokuwiki mailing list.

29 June

  • Got it running.
  • Tasks remain in org.
  • Cloned default skin to dw and have been cleaning/modifying it.
  • Specified a namespace design including names and permissions for each namespace.
  • Using wiki namespace.
  • Created design namespace.
  • Created salustri namespace.
  • Installed AceEditor plugin.
  • Installed wrap plugin.
  • Tweaked font for AceEditor. But since the changes are in the plugin, they may get overwritten by updates. So remember:
    • In /www/dokuwiki/lib/plugins/aceeditor/styles.css, edit the .ace-doku .ace_editor rule to remove the font-size and add font-family: Menlo,monospace;.
  • Tweaked dw visited external links to be same colour as all other links. All links should be one colour.
  • Created a cheatsheet for the wrap plugin.
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