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Using Salustri's Personality Temperament Indicator

Instructions for Ryerson students who are using Salustri's Personality Temperament Indicator (PTI). FOLLOW THESE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY.

Only do the PTI if:

  1. Your instructor has told you it's necessary for the course, and
  2. You have settled and officially enrolled in a section in which you will remain for the entire semester.

NOTE: It is not necessary to do the PTI more than once per year. The PTI is smart enough to reuse your previous results in such cases, and will inform you that it will do that.

Using the PTI

Please read the instructions below before doing the PTI.
The link to the PTI is given near the bottom of this page, to encourage you to read the instructions first.

You will be prompted for a login and password. Use your D2L user ID and password.

Fig. 1: The PTI Welcome Screen

If the login was successful, you will see a web page something like figure 1. If you do not see this, contact your instructor immediately.

Click the Take the Questionnaire button to continue.

You will then see eight successive screens with the PTI questions. They will look something like figure 2. When you finish each page, click the Save and Continue button at the bottom of the webpage.

Fig. 2: Typical PTI Questions

You must answer all the questions. If you miss a question and try to continue to the next screen, the PTI will indicate the question that you missed. Answer it and then continue.

Once you've answered all the questions, click the Score Test button at the bottom of the page.

  • Answer the questions truthfully - you cannot “fail” this test.
  • Don't answer by choosing the option that describes how you wish you were; answer by choosing the option that best describes how you think you really are.

Fig. 3: Sample PTI Results Page

Once you finish the test successfully, you will get a page similar to figure 3.

The PTI program stores key information in a database on CCS servers, so if you get a report similar to figure 3, everything worked and no further action is required. You may wish to print out that results web page for your information.

After the deadline for completing the PTI, your instructor will use that information to create the design teams and will then communicate that information to you.

If you have any questions or concerns, contact your instructor.

Take the PTI

You can access the PTI directly by following this link:

Summary of Personality Temperaments

This is a summary of the Jungian “personality temperaments” and descriptors of the corresponding temperaments as used in the PTI. The descriptions are from [Wil93].

infp You are an Idealist; you like to imagine; you are dedicated
infj You are a Visionary; you like to predict; you are insightful
intp You are a Theoretician; you like to understand; you are curious
intj You are a Strategist; you like to plan; you are determined
isfp You are an Expediter; you like to experience; you are empathic
isfj You are a Conserver; you like to preserve; you are concerned
istp You are a Troubleshooter; you like to repair; you are skillful
istj You are an Administrator; you like to monitor; you are accurate
enfp You are a Facilitator; you like to inspire; you are motivating
enfj You are an Orator; you like to persuade; you are convincing
entp You are an Innovator; you like to improvise; you are original
entj You are a Director; you like to lead; you are confident
esfp You are a Performer; you like to please; you are charming
esfj You are a Benefactor; you like to provide; you are supportive
estp You are a Producer; you like to make; you are realistic
estj You are a Manager; you like to supervise; you are practical


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