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Office Hours


Due to the COVIDocalypse, I will hold Office Hours through Zoom.

If no one shows up during the first 20 minutes, I will exit the Zoom session. Sorry, but I'm too busy to sit around waiting for people to wander in.

When you enter the Zoom, you will be in a waiting room.
To help ensure confidentiality, I will admit you to see me one at a time, on a first-come first-served basis.
The Zoom is listed as an event on my Google Calendar.
Read some Zoom Notes for Students.

Zoom Information

Day & time Every Thursday, 14:00-16:00, starting 16 Sep
Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID 953 9199 7955
One tap mobile +14388097799,,95391997955# Canada
+15873281099,,95391997955# Canada
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Join by SIP
Join by H.323 (US West) (US East) (India Mumbai) (India Hyderabad) (Amsterdam Netherlands) (Germany) (Australia Sydney) (Australia Melbourne) (Singapore) (Brazil) (Mexico) (Canada Toronto) (Canada Vancouver) (Japan Tokyo) (Japan Osaka)

For Everyone else

Go to my home page:

Click on ABOUT at the top of the page.

This will pull up Dr. Salustri's calendar. Email and suggest days and times when you are free. Dr. Salustri will respond as soon as possible.

For Students

“Walk-ins” are welcome “Walk-ins” are welcome any time my door is open. However, there is no guarantee that I will have time to see you in those cases. If you can, booking an appointment is preferred. Instructions for doing this are given below.

To book an appointment, you will need to:

  • use your Google Ryerson account,
  • provide your full name and Student ID,
  • if the question regards a specific course, identify the course and your section, and
  • describe specifically why you want to see me.

Fig. 1: Appointment Slots in Google Calendar.

I will cancel appointments that don't meet these requirements.

I now use Appointment Slots in Google Calendar for my Office Hours. Here's how to use them.

  1. Follow this link to my Appointment Slots calendar. It will look something like Figure 1.
  2. Use the arrow buttons at the top of the calendar to find the right week.
  3. Each Office Hour box denotes a 30 minute space you can claim for your appointment.
  4. Click on the Office Hour box for the time you want for your appointment. You will then see something like figure 2.
  5. Fill in the What and Description boxes to explain the reason you want an appointment. Be specific. Tell me
    • your name and your student ID,
    • which course and section you are in, and
    • what in particular you want to talk about - be very specific.
  6. Click Save.

Fig. 2: Dialog box for setting an appointment.

YOU MUST USE YOUR RYERSON GOOGLE ACCOUNT TO BOOK APPOINTMENTS WITH ME. I will cancel and ignore student appointments made via private Google accounts.

Special Notes:

  • If you fail to provide the required information, I will decline the appointment.
  • If no one has booked a particular slot, then there is only a 50/50 chance I will be in my office.
  • NOTE: If you make an appointment to see me within a few hours of the current time, then it may be too late for me to notice it. Also, I may have otherwise booked my time. Please book with at least 24 hours notice.
  • If your have an urgent need to see me, then email me with dates & times that you are free and I will try to accommodate you.
  • In the unlikely event that I have to cancel an appointment, I will send you an email message.

Do not abuse this system. If you make an appointment, keep it. If you're going to be late, email as soon as possible. If you need to cancel, cancel it via Google Calendar.

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