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Google Shared Folders

Each team will have a Google Drive folder that will be shared with the team members, the instructors, and their TA.

By Week 3, teams will have been formed, and a Google Drive folder will have been created for each team. You will find the folder in the Shared with me area of your Ryerson Google Drive.

All students must use only their Ryerson accounts for accessing the Team shared folder. Anyone found to have shared the folder with an account outside the team will be charged with academic misconduct.

During the kickoff meeting, check to make sure that you have access to your team's shared folder.

You will keep all “deliverable” files and documents in the shared drive. Only documents in the shared folder will be considered for grading the team project, unless specified otherwise by the instructors.

Many deliverables are based on templates created for the course. To make a copy of an instructor-provided template, open the Google Doc template, and use File > Make a copy. Once you've made the copy, be sure to add it to your shared folder so your teammates, TA, and instructors can see it too.

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