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Google Shared Drive

A shared drive is just a slightly fancy Drive folder.

We are not using Shared Drives in Fall 2020. Instead, see Google shared folders.

Each team will create a shared drive for their project during their kickoff meeting. Everything in this drive will be shared with the entire team, with your TA, and with the instructors.

All students must use only their Ryerson accounts for this.

During the kickoff meeting, follow the steps below.

  1. One team member creates a shared drive.
  2. That team member names the shared drive per the format given in the Project Deliverables for your course.
  3. After setting the name of the shared drive, add as members of the drive:
    1. your teammates,
    2. your TA, and
    3. both your instructors.
  4. Set the permissions for all members, including the TA and instructors, to Manager.

Detailed instructions about shared drives are available at the Google Help Centre.

You will keep all “deliverable” files and documents in the shared drive. You will not remove permissions of any team member or instructor until after final grades are released by the Registrar's Office.

To make a copy of an instructor-provided template, open the Google Doc, and use File > Make a copy. Once you've made the copy, be sure to add it to your Google Shared Drive so your teammates, TA, and instructors can see it too.

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