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General Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make an appointment to see you?

Go to this page and follow the instructions there.

Where is your dropbox?

See the MIE Student Handbook.

I only rarely check my dropbox. If you put something in it, then you are responsible for emailing me to that effect. It's not enough to put your work in there on time; I have to find it there on time or it's late.

Can I submit work early?

Of course you can. Try to deliver it directly to your instructor. If you cannot find your instructor, put it in the instructor's dropbox (see the previous question) AND THEN email your instructor that you in fact dropped it off there.

NOTE: Instructors don't check their dropboxes unless they're expecting something. If you do not email the instructor to tell them there's something there, and if the instructor doesn't check the dropbox until after the due date, then your assignment will be treated as late. It's your responsibility to make sure your instructor actually receives your assignments.

I missed a deadline; what do I do?

See the MIE Student Handbook.

We will not even consider granting academic consideration without a properly submitted Online Academic Consideration Request.

If you miss a deadline for submitting an assignment, it's still important to submit it. Even though you may get a zero grade, your teaching assistant will grade it and provide valuable feedback. This way you will know how you would have done, and how to avoid making the same mistakes in future assignments.

If you missed a midterm or exam, see the Student Handbook.

How can I get access to the Google Docs for this course?

You already have access; you're just using the wrong account.

Many people have a personal Google account in addition to their Ryerson Google account. You cannot access the course's Google Documents (e.g., lecture slides, project template documents, etc.) from your personal account, and you will not be granted permission to do so. You must use your Ryerson Google account for this, per the MIE Course Management Policy.

Do I have to do the PTI again?

Not necessarily. Your results from up to 1 year ago are kept by the PTI. So if you're repeating a course, you will likely not need to do the PTI again.

If the PTI tells you that it already has results for you, then you do not need to do it again.

I forgot the cover page on my assignment; what do I do?

You only need cover pages on hardcopy assignments.

Assignments submitted through D2L do not require a cover page.

If you forget the cover page on a hardcopy assignment, you will get zero on the assignment - that is inevitable.

You should submit the assignment anyways, because you will get constructive feedback that will very likely help you do better on future assignments.

Google Doc versions of the two styles of cover pages are available via the MIE Student Handbook.

Don't forget: Cover pages must be written in indelible ink (or printed by computer, in which case your signature must be in indelible ink). Assignments covered by a cover page written in pencil or erasable ink, or that are incomplete, will receive a zero grade.

I can't log in to the computers in the lab; what do I do?

You need to see Ms. Grace He (room KHE-137B) to activate your MIE computer account. Bring your student card. She can be reached by email at

You are responsible for activating your own MIE computer account.

For all problems related to logging in to the lab computers, see Ms. He.

The printer was broken when I tried to print my assignment

If the assignment was to be done in the lab - e.g. a CAD test - then alternate arrangements will be made. This usually will involve emailing your work to your TA as a PDF file, or uploading it to D2L.

If you have had a week or more to work on your assignment, then no extensions will be entertained if the printer is broken. You should come to lab with your homework completed, printed, and ready to submit immediately.

I cannot access your materials on Google Drive

I post some material on my website via Google Drive. Such material is only visible through Ryerson Google accounts. If you are using a private or non-Ryerson Google account, you will not be able to access the material.

Do not bother asking me to share that material with your private account; I will not do that. You must use your Ryerson Google account.

If you are sure you are using your Ryerson Google account, but you still cannot access the material, send me email describing the situation. Make sure you send that email using the same account that could not access the materials in question.

End of semester questions

I too often get questions at the end of semester regarding posted marks and how these impact on final grades. Here's some common questions and answers.

What's my final grade?

Don't even bother asking.

Ryerson policy prohibits me from discussing the final grades that are sent to the Registrar.

Will you update D2L after the end of classes?

No. You can come to my office and ask for that information.

Will you "bell" the marks?

Over my dead body.

“Belling the marks” is a purely subjective technique used by weak instructors and programs to make sure they are hitting politically expedient goals of “student success.”

Will there be other "adjustments" made to the marks?

I don't make adjustments, I make corrections.

Will I make corrections? I don't know.

In drafting and design, there are many possible “right” answers, and different graders have different styles. Because of this, corrections generally need to be made before final grades are submitted, based on robust evidence of errors in grading, administration of homework/tests, etc. However, I cannot tell what adjustments need to be made till I have all the “raw” (unadjusted) marks in front of me and can analyze them properly.

Every student's marks and final grade are reviewed individually to ensure the fairest possible assessment. “Fair,” in this context means “An accurate assessment of a student's skills and knowledge as demonstrated on all assignments, tests, etc. and as calculated by rules set in place in the course outline.”

I can say that your grade will not go down as a result of corrections I may make.

Could my final mark be lower than that shown in D2L?

Highly unlikely.

I don't lower marks unless there has been some egregious, nigh catastrophic problem; and even then I'd need special permission from the Administration to lower marks. Put another way: I started teaching in 1989, and not once in all that time, at no University where I taught have I seen marks lowered.

So you can safely assume your final grade will be equal to or greater than the grade you yourself can calculate given your marks and the information in the course outlines.

How are the final grades calculated?

  1. If there’s an exam, it’s graded to ensure consistent grading for all students, and exam marks are posted to D2L
    • MEC222: the exam is marked collaboratively by the instructors; one of them grades Booklet A for all sections, and the other grades Booklet B for all sections. This helps ensure consistency of grading for all students.
    • MEC325: the exam is marked by carefully selected teaching assistants, under the direct and constant supervision of the instructors.
  2. All of D2L is downloaded into a private spreadsheet for analysis by the instructors.
  3. All “special cases” noted during the semester are considered and adjustments made, if necessary.
    • Special cases include known, verified, and documented absences, academic accommodations, and errors of grading that happened during the semester.
  4. Various statistical analyses are then performed on the grades to see if there are any systemic flaws in the grades.
    • If any adjustments are necessary, they will be done either (a) over the whole class, or (b) on a section by section basis. No adjustments to individual student grades will be considered at this stage.
    • Adjustments, if any, will vary from year to year and section to section. There is no way to know until all marks are available for analysis if and to what extent they may need to be adjustment.
    • All adjustments are upward.
    • Adjustments are not published, nor will they be discussed with students.
    • Adjusted grades are not re-posted on D2L.
  5. Final grades are calculated according to the course outline, and submitted to the Registrar.

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