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Deductions and Penalties

This page summarizes all deductions and penalties applied to graded student work that fails to follow certain key rules.

Academic consideration will be granted and penalties may be waived only if the student submits an Academic Consideration Request that is “verified” by the appropriate administrative office.

General deductions

Late submission
25% per day
This applies to the whole item; i.e., if you hand in half of an assignment late, the whole assignment is late.
Since online submissions can be made any day (including holidays), then calculating lateness for online submissions includes every day.
Since hardcopy submissions can only be done during days when the University is open, calculating lateness for hardcopy submissions only includes “business days”.
The “late clock” starts at the due time and runs in 24 hour blocks. For instance, if an item is due by 16:00 on a Thursday, and you submit anytime between 16:00 Thursday and 16:00 Friday, you will incur a one-day late penalty.
All deductions are taken from the total value of the work. Example: If an assignment is graded out of 10, then a 25% deduction means a deduction of 2.5/10.
Submitting Corrupted Files
10% per day after a grace period
Your TA will inform you, and provide a 24 hour grace period to re-submit uncorrupted files. Thereafter, the penalty will apply to the entire assignment.
Document-naming and file type errors
2% per document.
This applies to naming conventions for reports, assignments, and any other documents submitted for grading, where such conventions are defined by the instructors.
This also applies to submitting the wrong file-type - e.g., submitting a PDF file when a Google Doc or Solidworks file was required.
Not following submission instructions
This applies to all other submission requirements, excluding file corruption and naming errors (above) and any other rules covered in the Course Outline.
Examples: Incorrect document template use; incomplete sets of files.
Submitting before a task is assigned
50% per assignment
This is particularly problematic during the COVID-19 pandemic. Assignments submitted before they are actually assigned will be severely penalized.

MEC222 Deductions

Drawing with tools when instructed to draw freehand
50% deducted from each question.
This applies to all manual sketches in MEC222, unless specifically directed otherwise by the instructor.
Late in-lab submissions
“During the lab” submissions must be made within the period 15 minutes before the end of the lab and 30 minutes after the end of the lab.
Submissions made more than 15 minutes before the end of the lab will be ignored (leading to zero on the assignment).
Submissions made more than 30 minutes after the end of the lab will result in a standard late penalty applied to the whole assignment.

MEC325 Deductions

Late PTI
2% per day including weekends
If you have to do the Personality Temperament Indicator for your course, the late penalty will be applied to your final course grade.
Late Peer Review
1% per peer review missed
If peer reviews are expected, this penalty will be applied for each late peer review submission to your final course grade.
WDF-related penalties
5% of project grade if WDF not shared with instructor and TAs by deadlines
2% of project grade if WDF is incorrectly filled out
No project grades will be processed until all team members sign (i.e., agree to) WDF content
Changes made to a WDF after all team members have signed will be interpreted as malicious attempts to take academic advantage of teammates, and will be regarded as Academic Misconduct.
These penalties apply to WDFs for both milestones and final reports.

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