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About Cover Pages

Everything you submit in hardcopy for credit must have a cover page.

Cover pages for individual and team work are available here.

Rules for cover pages:

  1. All submitted work must have a cover page.
  2. A valid cover page must have your signature on it, and that signature must be in permanent ink. No computer-inserted JPGs/GIFs/etc allowed.
  3. The other fields on a valid cover page may be either (a) computer-generated or (b) printed neatly (in engineering block) lettering in permanent ink.
  4. Pencil and erasable ink are forbidden on cover pages.
  5. Removing or altering the paragraph that describes student responsibilities (at the bottom of the cover page) will be treated as a violation of academic conduct.

Violation of any of these rules will result in a zero grade on the whole assignment.

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