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“Engineering without design is like science without research.”Tom Brzustowski, President of NSERC, 2004

PROSPECTIVE STUDENTS: Read about graduate opportunities and how to apply.
Find out what engineering design is.

Research Projects

Read about some of the guiding principles of my research.

Formal Systems

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Informal Systems

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On Research Itself

Other Design Research Resources

I maintain a list of links to web resources about design research. Here's a list of the most recent additions to that list:

Other Things

  • Design aphorisms: one-liners about design.
  • Process consultancy: Notes on why it's important for design researchers to teach how to design to industry and business.
  • Design strawman is an attempt to create a strawman architecture for all of design engineering.
  • Design philosophy is thinking about design and how we do it, and the interfaces between design and other phenomena like creativity, intelligence, morality, neurobiology, evolution, psychology, sociology, etc.
  • Let's try to describe the impact of design on industry and business in succinct, quantifiable ways.
  • Information classification systems are the practical methods and tools used to categorize knowledge (including the Dewey Decimal system, colon classification methods, etc.)
  • Potential projects that I have not yet found funding or time or manpower or some combination thereof.
  • Some notes on intelligence.
  • Fascan - a perl script to check for suspicious changes on a Mac computer.
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