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Quasi-Natural Language

In the early stages of design, there is often very little quantitative information available, and an abundance of important but qualitative information. Natural language descriptions of products are often used in these situations. By limiting the grammatically permissible forms and enforcing a stricter than usual semantics, it is possible to develop a quasi-natural language that is at once more rigorous as a means of communicating certain kinds of product information, and more natural than various logical or computer-based languages for the same goal.

A Simple Example

Consider the following different ways of writing the same statement.

  • This is a fast blue car.
  • The blue car is fast.
  • The blue car is a fast car.
  • The colour of the car that is fast is blue.
  • Blue is the colour of the fast car.

Although the gist of each statement is the same as every other, there are nuances in each that can be used to build a quasi-natural language for describing products.

QNL Constructs

a X: X is a term denoting an exemplar of a class or type.

  • Example: a Car

Open Issues

  • Do the terms class and type mean the same thing here?
  • Stahovich, T.F., Davis, R., H. Shrobe (2000), Qualitative rigid-body dynamics, Artificial Intelligence, Vol. 119, No. 1-2, pp. 19-60.

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