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General Notes on Research

Miscellaneous notes about research.

Source [Arc95] - This is a brilliant paper that should be required reading by all grad students doing design research.

One problem with citation counts derives from the Matthew effect – the tendency for scientists – seeking to promote their own fame – to cite famous scientists more frequently than less famous scientists, with the result that famous scientists become even more famous and less-famous scientists become even less famous. The term was evidently coined by sociologist of science Robert Merton (1973) and is from the Bible: To him who hath it shall be given, and from him who hath not it shall be taken away, even that which he hath. R. Hake, in Professional & Organization Development Network in Higher Education (POD@LISTSERV.ND.EDU), 27 May 2005

Source [Cam05] - worth reviewing for trends in research publications.

Alan Barnard's idea that theory consists of Questions, Assumptions, Methods, and Evidence. Does this help in design research?

To Do

  • TBD Go through each item and turn each from an instruction into actual content.


Arc95. a B. Archer. 1995. The Nature of Research. Co-design, January. pages 6-13. (link)
Cam05. a B.D. Cameron. 2005. Trends in the usage of ISI bibliometric data: uses, abuses, and implications. portal: Libraries and the Academy, 5(1):105-125. (link)
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