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IDEA combines trade-space analysis, decision matrices, pairwise comparison, and various ideation techniques into an integrated, systematic way for teams to do concept design.

IDEA is the work of one of my Master's Students, Andrew Masur. He has given me permission to offer this material so long as:

  1. his name and the name of Ryerson University remain associated with the work; and
  2. all users understand that there is no warranty at all associated with using the work.

Current Version

As Andrew has graduated, resolving problems with the software may take some time. But we'll do what we can as quickly as possible.

We are interested in having the software used in education and in practice. Anyone wishing to use the software is free to try it out. I would appreciate notice that you are using it, and how you are using it – just send me email.

We are also interested in developing IDEA further. Send me email to discuss the possibilities.

System Requirements:

  • IDEA software should run on Windows 2000/XP and on Mac OSX 10.3 or higher.
  • 256 MB recommended
  • approx 60 MB disk space (includes Compendium install)
  • 1280×1024 display with 256 colours recommended
  • Java runtime 1.5 (included with Compendium – see below)
  • (For OSX: JRE 1.4.1_02)
  • Compendium opensource diagramming system (extremely useful on its own too!)
  • Microsoft Word (2000/XP/Mac) or OpenOffice Writer 2
  • Microsoft Excel (2000/XP/Mac) or OpenOffice Calc 2
  • Microsoft Access (2000/XP/Mac) or OpenOffice Base 2


  • The Users' Guide includes detailed installation instructions and manuals for users. PDF/14.6MB
  • The zipped installation disk image is 81.2MB and contains all the necessary software except for external application programs.


  • All installation instructions are given in the Users' Guide.

Future Work

Some avenues to pursue in future work:

See Also


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