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Urban Cycle Project

A multi-part design project on human-powered transportation.

This is a team project. The grades for each part, for each team, will be given to each team member; i.e. all members in each team will get same grade. This is not the same as for the major design project.

Design Brief

In many urban centres (in and outside Canada) population density, economics, and environmental concerns make human powered transportation a viable alternative to automobiles and public transit.

You have been approached by a non-governmental organization (NGO) that advocates “sustainable” technologies that provide a “lifestyle element” while also addressing environmental issues. The NGO has asked you to design a human-powered vehicle that will be used as part of a larger program to convince people that they can have a desirable and affordable lifestyle option that is environmentally conscious by using the human-powered vehicle.

In particular, the NGO is targeting the following market:

  • sufficiently able-bodied to operate a human-powered vehicle;
  • single/married/divorced, with or without children;
  • living in urban or suburban centres with reasonable road systems; and
  • white or blue collar employment.

The NGO expects that you will end up narrowing the market. The success of your design will depend on how well your design suits whatever market you eventually set as the target.

You can design your vehicle:

  • to have as many wheels as you think is appropriate;
  • carry any reasonable amount of cargo, depending on the specific market you identify; and
  • to use whatever technologies and materials you deem most appropriate.

Every report submitted as part of the cycle project will

  • start with the standard, completed cover page;
  • include all previous reports on the project. That is, when you submit part C, you must also re-submit parts A & B;
    • (the reason for this is so the TAs can refer back to your previous work to understand the current submission)
  • include the deliverables for each part as described in the notes for that part.

The Project

The project is divided into five units. Each unit is intended to get you to practise executing steps in our design process. Each unit requires a short report to be submitted and graded.

Part A: Strategy

Develop a PSS for the vehicle. You may make it as broad as the original NGO market definition, or as narrow as you like, but you must justify your decision with respect to the need of the NGO to “raise awareness” of human-powered transportation.

Part B: Requirements

Create a PRS for your vehicle, based on this brief and your market segment.

Part C: Systems

Develop a PAS for the problem.

Part D: Concepts

Develop a PCS.

Part E: Details

Using SolidWorks, create a rough CAD model of the vehicle. Submit a rendering of the whole product (in isometric or perspective view), plus a complete set of working drawings of the product.

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