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TRIZ Assignment

An assignment in TRIZ usage. This is an individual assignment.


Refer to the introduction to TRIZ. All the lists of TRIZ contradictions and principles are available there.

TRIZ is based on resolving contradictions in a product or design. In this case, the product will be a stapler.

Find a stapler on the Web that is well-enough described that you are comfortable with how it is put together and how it operates.

Find a contradiction in that product. You may consider the contradiction lists as guides to help you find aspects or characteristics of your design that are contradictory.

Use the material in the TRIZ to identify which principles pertain to the contradiction you have found.

Consider each TRIZ principle that applies in your stapler, and try to find as many alternatives as possible to your current design, based on the application of the TRIZ principles.


  1. an image and brief (up to 200 words) description of the selected stapler;
  2. a description of the TRIZ contradiction you found in your design;
  3. a list of the principles (from the pertinent pages in the introduction to TRIZ) that apply in your case; and
  4. a list of ideas/concepts/sketches indicating how you used the principles to change your design.
  5. up to two pages discussing the TRIZ results and how they might impact the design of the stapler.

REMEMBER to properly cite the source of your stapler. Beware plagiarism!

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