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Stove Workshop

Students will be given mini-journals to use for this workshop. The mini-journals will be collected at the end of the workshop.

Here's the situation:

From Wood stoves in poor countries are producing twice the heat-absorbing particulates than researchers previously expected, and can contribute to serious health problems including tuberculosis. In 2010, 3 billion people used open fires to cook, and the amount of particulates in the air can exceed safety guidelines by 200 times. (source)

The goal is to improve the situation - not necessarily to design a “better” stove.

Consider as broad a selection of devices as possible as inspiration. What about a Kelly Kettle? What about Low-cost Thermoacoustic Co-generator for Biomass-burning Cook Stoves? A variety of stoves are described in Wikpedia.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of these types of stoves?

Maybe there is an online way to develop ideas? Consider the CREAX function database. Or maybe TRIZ can help?

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