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Stapler Complexity Assignment

This is an individual assignment meant to explore the impact of complexity on improving a product.

Use Proper Citations

We will not tolerate plagiarism of any kind, including self-plagiarism. If you use other than your own original work created for this specific assignment in this year's offering of this course, then cite it properly.

Tasks to be executed

Part 1: Establish Baseline

  • Quickly sketch a conventional hand-operated office stapler.
  • You may use the internet/web/google to help you; you may copy/paste an assembly drawing or exploded view of a office stapler, so long as it is in fact a conventional hand-operated office stapler.
  • Carry out a complexity analysis of the baseline stapler.
  • Critically evaluate the complexity of the stapler. (May be only one sentence, but must not exceed 1 page.)

Part 2: Research Staplers & Ideate

Part 3: Revise the design

  • In light of your research, revise your stapler design to simplify the design, while not adversely affecting (to the best of your abilities) any other characteristic of the design.
  • Recalculate the complexity of the stapler.
  • Maximum: 1 page.


  • Sketch/drawing of baseline stapler.
  • Complexity calculations for baseline stapler.
  • Critical evaluation of baseline stapler.
  • Summary of research.
  • Sketch of revised stapler.
  • Complexity calculations for revised stapler.
  • Rationale and comments on your revised design (no more than 1 page).

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