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Milestone 2 Scorecard

This is the scorecard for the 2nd project milestone.

Neatness & Quality of Presentation x1
Spelling & Grammar in Poster x1
Are there enough concept & idea sketches? x2
Are the concept & idea sketches sufficiently diverse? x2
Is the pairwise comparison of requirements done properly? x1
Is the decision matrix properly done? x1
At least 2 iterations of refining the concepts via the decision matrix? x1
Is the decision of “best concept” reasonable and defensible? x1
Are subsystems properly identified? x1
Is the PAS properly constructed? x2
Is the PAS consistent with the PRS? x1
Is the PAS consistent with the winning concept? x1
Are the PAS flows well explained? x1
Is the PAS generally reasonable? x2


  • All score items are out of 10.
  • Each total is score x weight
  • The grade is the sum of all total items, scaled to a maximum out of 10. This is the mark reported in Blackboard.
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