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Milestone 1 Scorecard

This is the scorecard for the 1st project milestone.

Neatness & Quality of Presentation x1
Spelling & Grammar in Poster x1
Does the initial research capture the current “state of the art”? x2
Did the entire team contribute to the initial research? x1
Is the PSS sufficiently broad and deep? x2
Are PSS targets reasonable? x1
Are there sufficient usage scenarios? x1
Are the usage scenarios accurate? x 2
Are the usage scenarios functional and sufficiently abstract? x1
Is the PRS in a proper form? x1
Is the PRS sufficiently broad? x1
Is the PRS sufficiently quantitative? x1
Is the PRS of an appropriate level of detail? x1


  • All score items are out of 10.
  • Each total is score x weight
  • The grade is the sum of all total items, scaled to a maximum out of 10. This is the mark reported in Blackboard.
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