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FMEA Assignment

A simple, individual assignment to practise executing FMEAs.

Conduct a failure mode and effect analysis for an inline skate. Find a reasonable image or drawing of an inline skate on the Web. Use the method described in the online notes. Complete an appropriate chart for the analysis.

Deliverables include:

  • The image of the inline skate you are using (properly attributed).
  • The FMEA analysis itself (the “bottom-up” method as done for the lead pencil example).
  • A list of any assumptions you made about the skate or your analysis (e.g. regarding parts that might not be evident from the image you chose), including an explanation of why those assumptions are reasonable ones to make. Also in this list must be an explanation of why specific numeric values were given in each cell of the FMEA.
  • Up to two pages of conclusions that you can draw from your analysis about the skate's design, including opportunities for improving the design.

See also the FMEA assignment rubric.

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