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This is an alphabetic list of assignments in MEC723.
Not all the assignments here will be used in any given year.
Refer to the weekly schedule for due dates.

Other Assignments

Typical Assignments

Dump Truck Project Dump Truck Project A short, individual project in design of how to dump stuff off a truck, due in one week. Introduction Our company builds truck bodies for a wide range of truck sizes and chassis. The boss wants us to explore the design of a dump truck body for large trucks. Standard designs require very large forces in the hydraulic cylinder during the lifting operation. One or two 8 to 10 inch (200 to 250 mm) diameter cylinder(s) operating at 2000 psi (14 MPa) are required by our competito…
FMEA Assignment FMEA Assignment A simple, individual assignment to practise executing FMEAs. Conduct a failure mode and effect analysis for an inline skate. Find a reasonable image or drawing of an inline skate on the Web. Use the method described in the online notes. Complete an appropriate chart for the analysis.
Gas Station Workshop This workshop is obsolete. Gas Station Workshop Students will be given mini-journals to use for this workshop. The mini-journals will be collected at the end of the workshop. <Northeast view of the gas station.> Believe it or not, there are Canadian guidelines for the design of gas stations. Of course, these address only some of the design elements, and virtually none of the engineering requirements for a gas station. That's why they're just
MEC734 Crossover Assignment MEC734 Crossover Assignment This project is run jointly with the students in MEC734 (Design for Manufacture). In it, you will reverse engineer a small product, propose design improvements, work collaboratively with MEC734 students, and also critique
Refresher Systems Assignment Refresher Systems Assignment This is an individual assignment intended to help you remember the basics of systems. A. Identifying Systems For each of the following items, identify whether the object described is or is not a system in the described contexts. Refer to the four characteristics of systems to prove your answers.
Stapler Complexity Assignment Stapler Complexity Assignment This is an individual assignment meant to explore the impact of complexity on improving a product. Use Proper Citations We will not tolerate plagiarism of any kind, including self-plagiarism. If you use other than your own original work created for this specific assignment in this year's offering of this course, then cite it properly.
TRIZ Assignment TRIZ Assignment An assignment in TRIZ usage. This is an individual assignment. Description Refer to the introduction to TRIZ. All the lists of TRIZ contradictions and principles are available there. TRIZ is based on resolving contradictions in a product or design. In this case, the product will be a stapler.
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