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Workshop #5: Concept Evaluation


Workshop 5 follows on Workshop 4. In Workshop 4, you carried out ideation per the Design Roadmap.

In this workshop, you will get your top 5-10 concepts, and conduct a concept evaluation per the Design Roadmap. Specifically, you will:

  • build a Morphological Chart containing all the embodiments/ideas for all systems;
  • develop a list of all inconsistent embodiments, annotated with brief explanations of the inconsistencies;
  • develop a list of the top 5-10 concepts derived iterative searching through the design space as explained in lecture and in Salustri’s website;
  • conduct a Pairwise Comparison of the PCs given in Workshop 4, with brief explanations of your thinking on why some PCs are more important than others.
  • develop a Weighted Decision Matrix of the 5-10 concepts, fully evaluated per Salustri’s notes on WDMs; and
  • identify, with rationale, which of the 5-10 concepts would be eliminated (per concept evaluation) and which aspects of the winning concepts you would seek to improve in Concept Refinement.
    • NOTE: You do not actually have to do the Concept Refinement stage.


One report per team containing all the information generated from the six tasks described above.

Your report will be graded according this rubric.

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