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Old CDEN documents

CDEN (the Canadian Design Engineering Network) lasted about 10 years. These are some of the documents generated during that time.

Product Development Process Modules

The eventual outcome of CDEN was a series of “teaching modules” for first-year engineering students, and intended to give them the fundamentals needed to learn the fundamentals of engineering design (with an emphasis on mechanical engineering, from which most CDEN module authors came).

They remain available today at the product development process modules page.

CDEN documents local to Ryerson University

B. Burns and F.A. Salustri, Can Engineers Design, and Can Designers Engineer?, Proc. CSME Intl Conf on Multidisciplinary Design in Engineering (CD-ROM), 2001.

F.A. Salustri, M.G. (Ron) Britton, D. Proulx, and R.D. Venter, CDEN/RCCI: a Canadian network to enhance design engineering education, Proc. 13th Intl Conf on Engineering Design (ICED 01), S. Culley, A. Duffy, C. McMahon, and K. Wallace (eds), pages 403-410, 2001.

F.A. Salustri, Enhancing Design Engineering Education in Canada, Proc. 18th Canadian Congress of Applied Mechanics (CANCAM 01), A. Swamidas, M.R. Haddara, and R. Seshadri (eds), pages 371-372, 2001.

I. Yellowley, R.D. Venter, and F.A. Salustri, The Canadian Design Engineering Network (CDEN/RCCI): enrichment of the teaching and practice of engineering design within Canadian universities, Proc. 2001 NSF Design and Manufacturing Grantees Conference, Florida.

I. Yellowley, R.D. Venter, and F.A. Salustri, The Canadian Design Engineering Network (CDEN/RCCI): Sharing engineering design educational tools within thirty three schools of engineering in Canada, Proc. 8th World Conference on Continuing Engineering Education, pages 232-237, 2001.

F. A. Salustri, Organizing information for the Canadian Design Engineering Network, Proc. WebNet 2000, AACE, San Antonio, 2000.

Legacy publications

These documents are obsolete and are here for historial and informational purposes only.

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