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Product Development Processes Overview

TITLE: Overview of Product Development Processes


DATE: 2005-08-26

AUTHORS: F.A. Salustri, Ryerson University ( and D. Proulx, University of Sherbrooke (

STUDENT ASSISTANTS: A. Jackson, Ryerson University, and E. Mirceski, Ryerson University

INTENDED AUDIENCE: First- and second-year engineering students in any discipline.

ABSTRACT: This module provides a very general introduction to product development processes and the role of engineering design therein. It is meant to lead into more detailed modules on specific topics. Topics introduced in this module include: definitions of design, stages and gates, concurrent engineering, teamwork and collaboration, technical communications, usability and user-centred design, product lifecycle, end of product life. Furthermore, the process of designing as part of product development is introduced, including: project initialization, problem analysis, ideation, conceptual design and evaluation, systems design, recursion to subsystems, and detailed design.


  • pdpo-101.doc: MSword format (updated 2005-08-26)
  • pdpo-101.pdf: PDF version (updated 2005-08-26)
  • pdpo-100.ppt: MS PowerPoint presentation with key figures from the module, suitable for use by instructors in lecture settings.
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