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Gas Station Transformational Relations

This page show a complete pairwise comparison table for the relationships between the transformational elements in the design of a gas station.

See also how to identify transformational relations.

Bathroom Snacks Carwash Tire air Speedy service Bad weather use Payment services Profit Branding Market Environmental responsibility EOL remediation Leaks Traffic Vapours Seismic activity Accidents Parking Waiting Entry/Exit Room to manoeuver Gas delivery schedule Pricing system Gas storage Gas delivery Safety Franchise Gainful employment Efficient service Target of crime Accident damage Social meeting place Convenience
Bathroom used while car in increases in-system time no direct profit extra service produces sewage increases in-system time more pedestrian traffic park to use bathroom extra safety measures distract attendants vandalism, “secret” area customer satisfaction
Snacks distract attendants are paid for differently from gas extra revenue branding options deepens market generate litter increases in-system time must be paid for in turn help franchaising extra employee? extra employee? cafe? help hurried people
Carwash compliments only used in good weather complicates extra revenue enhances brand broadens market creates effluent special lanes/space new accident source can interfere slows customer flow complicates complicates accommodate delivery & lineups crowds deter some crime broader market operation requires attendants? vandalism, theft new source for accident damage useful service
Tire air extra services strengthen extra services capture congestion/lineups congestion/lineups congestion/lineups congestion/lineups congestion/lineups vandalism maintenance/repair extra services increase
Speedy service minimal waiting to pay improve reputation return customers lessens idling higher throughput/lower traffic fewer parking spots faster throughput increases manoevering room requires timely deliveries requires sufficient storage requires unobtrusive deliveries good business metric cannot compromise quality less wasted time
Bad weather use good payment services improve use in bad weather can improve brand can increase profit can increase traffic can cause accidents can overuse parking slows throughput slows throughput can complicate can complicate can complicate can lower can lower can increase extra services helps user
Payment services payment choices increase revenue help define brand help retain market faster throughput faster throughput improves business case faster throughput better security more payment choices for users
Profit supports more marketing can pay for can pay for lessened by lessened by lessened by depends on lessened by improved by improved by can pay for can pay for protection pay for control pay for control comes from
Branding can secure can benefit from can benefit from weakened by weakened by weakened by weakened by excessive improved by good pricing improved by good safety record promotes benefits from suffers from suffers from benefits from benefits from
Market increased traffic can open market defines number of franchises attract good workers busy stations less likely to experience crime busy stations more likely to source accidents convenience attracts market
Environmental responsibility requires results in fewer promotes effective traffic mgmt results in less stations in earthquake zones? calls for less idling results in better storage public safety better accident mgmt station as community element public health
EOL remediation can offset premature remediation premature remediation must be included in recycles storage system premature remediation
Leaks leaks can cause vapours can be caused by can be caused by hard to fix if in storage system can be caused by endanger users & residents can be caused by
Traffic exhaust is harmful vapour can increase accident rate requires more parking can decrease throughput can congest requires more manoeuvering room can delay requires higher efficiency is inconvenient
Vapours can result from can result from caused by exhaust storage can create vapours delivery can create vapours are unhealthy discourages social interactions
Seismic activity can lead to catastrophic accidents can destroy tanks hard to design for
Accidents increased in parking lots can be worse at entrance can increase during a delivery can happen to innocent bystanders
Parking increases need for manoeuvering room may conflict with distinct parking area can help protect cars adds kinds of damage possible improves opportunities for extra service improves convenience
Waiting lineups can interfere with entry/exit waiting restricts manoeuvering room payment system must minimize waiting sufficient employess help control waiting efficiency lowers waits less waiting, more time to socialise shorter waits are more convenient
Entry/Exit position entry/exit to allow max manoeuverability good access facilitates gas delivery can improve pedestrian safety conveniently located access
Room to manoeuver must allow for delivery more room means better safety room can help increase efficiency more room helps convenient access
Gas delivery schedule must accommodate transfer pumps, valves, piping, etc should not interrupt customer service
Pricing system keep cash, data transfers safe must include cost of employees must help keep service moving hackers? easy for customers to pay
Gas storage storage must accommodate delivery failsafe storage storage to pump easy to maintain and reliable
Gas delivery transfer to storage is dangerous outsource logistics hijackers
Safety franchise selling point good employees are safe employees & vice versa efficiency with safety minimise overt targets focus on severe accidents social settings improve with safety
Franchise business opportunities share best practices outsource security dispersed community
Gainful employment crime by employees?
Efficient service good surveillance efficiency promotes social behaviour less wasted time
Target of crime scares people away convenience doesn't matter
Accident damage lowers appeal of social setting
Social meeting place extra service valuable to users
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