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Detailed Design Specification

This is a component of a design report that specifies the detailed design and provides justification for decisions made during detailed design.

A detailed design specification (DDS) is a document (or, in our case, a major element of your project report).

For this course, a DDS includes the following:

  1. A Working Set of CAD drawings, included in Appendix 1;
    • We know you know what a Working Set of drawings is because it is taught in MEC222.
  2. Up to five pages explaining your detailed design (details below); and
  3. Any extra material necessary to support your detailed design (e.g., data sheets of off-the-shelf components), included in an appendix.

The five pages explaining and justifying your detailed design is described below:

An explanation of the detailed design of your team's intervention.

  • We do NOT expect you to account for every bolt and nut.
  • You can specify parts as off-the-shelf by simply quoting a model number and manufacturer (if you can find it).
  • Remember to cover as much ground as possible without going into too much detail.
    • Don't spend all your time on the electrical system (assuming you have one) and forget all about structural elements.
  • Refer to drawings in Appendix 1 (see below) as required.
  • Expand on the operation of the product (as described in the Concept Design part of the report) without just repeating previous descriptions.
  • DO NOT:
    • describe in paragraph form how your product is assembled1);
    • write a dozen paragraphs describing every part of the product2);
    • write lots of plain text explaining how the product is used3); or
    • pad out this section to get to 5 pages on the premise it will get you a better grade4).
  • DO:
    • carefully organize the text in a logical fashion;
    • explain any detailed design decisions that were of particular importance to your product;
    • mention any interesting, special, or surprising features of your product; and
    • mention key points about manufacturing, operation, usability, etc. as necessary.
    • the use of extended point form is encouraged.
If you have an assembly plan, add it as an appendix and just comment on it briefly in the 5 pages.
That's what the CAD drawings are for.
You can do that in a flowchart that you insert as an appendix. Just comment on it in the 5 pages.
You won't.
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