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Bibliography Collection

This collection is for bibliographic data only, based on the RefNotes plugin.

Here is a list of the currently available bibliographies on this site:

To refer to any item in these bibliographies, simply use this syntax: [(KEY)] where KEY is the ID of the item in the bibliography.

To make the references themselves render (usually at the bottom of a page), add the following:

===== References =====
notes-separator: none
back-ref-format: a

Creating & Managing Bibliographies

Each page in this collection is a subject database. Tables are parsed to look for references. All other text is politely ignored, so this comment you're reading right now won't break the code.

Every note is defined as collection of data fields. There are two ways to organize the note definitions:

  1. Group a number of notes into single data table (sheet). The first row of the table is used to specify which field the corresponding column contains.
  2. Use separate table for each note (card). The table should have two columns where the first column is used to specify the field names.


The plugin does not make a distinction between normal table cells and header cells. The field name cells are identified only based on their content. The names are case insensitive but for the rest should be spelled exactly as specified below (i.e. avoid using any formatting in the field name cells). The following field names are supported:

  • Note name — fully qualified note name including the namespace.
  • Note text — text of the note.

Note sheet example

Note name Note text
:ref:sample1 A sample reference.
:ref:sample2 A sample reference with some formatting.

Note card example

Note name :ref:sample3
Note text A sample reference with a link.
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